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"becoming 1 of the 7 'upstanding' citizens in the hamlet to live & prosper in an ever-changing, chaotic society"

Xóm Chim is a role-playing board game where each player will become 1 of the 7 'upstanding' citizens in the hamlet to live & prosper in an ever-changing, chaotic society. As a follow-up from the Xóm Chim figurines project, the game plays on borderline taboo topics with humour and sarcasm. Players will relive their everyday past and present in the game world full of unpredictable surprises, twists and ironic situations - drawing from real social events and popular Vietnamese cultures. 

The game was produced with limited quantity, handcrafted and personalized for each customer. The package features manually applied label stickers, ink pressed and painted game title and handwritten customized messages. The special edition of the game also features 7 character figurines that were 3D designed, 3D printed and mould-casted in composite material.

The game gained supports and recognition from tabletop game enthusiasts and communities.