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Glenn Wyatt

"everything great starts with an idea..."

This is the self-branding project to promote my work and also, to promote who I am.

Everything has its origin, starting from something so small as a cell, or an atom. They are basic, but have endless possibilities. My name is “Hong Nhat”, which means “red sun” in Vietnamese. So I started from there: a small living bright dot that literally can grow and shape it into new things.

I realized how powerful a combination of analog and digital visuals can be. With the key elements finalized, every other part of the promotional kit started to fall into place.

The promotional kit is enclosed in a custom made box. Inside it includes basic identity items including business cards, cv, letterhead, etc. and also some designed badges and a Thaumatrope (a spinner that create an optical illusion by combining its 2 faces when spinned) as giftaways.