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"strong foundation for a healthy life"

NAN is premium & popular a children formula milk powder in Vietnam from the Swiss giant - Nestlé. As part of the continuation of the existing communication plan, Nestlé NAN wanted to emphasize with mothers on the importance of providing the correct amount of protein to build a strong foundation for their children to grow healthily.

the challenge - BMI (Body mass index) by WHO has always been the recommended tool for mothers to chart their children' growth. Most mothers know the BMI measurements, however, they don't know how to help their children to achieve those ideal measurements for healthy, steady growth.

the solution - By leveraging the tool, we designed and built a BMI web app that simplifies the tedious job of charting the BMI graph for their children. What makes the difference is that the app also shows the right amount of protein they should intake to get to the next BMI milestone, in correlation with their current BMI measurements. The app would then provide an in-depth meal planner for their children based on the calculated protein amount. All of the above would help the brand to build trust and values for the consumers while strengthening their key communication message.