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"a modern take on the proud lineage of a coffeehouse family."

JavaVino is a Latin American coffee & wine house based in Atlanta, Georgia. The brand was found by the descendences of a family line in Nicaragua, who has been in the coffee industry ever since the 1880s and even have their own coffee estate called Selva Negra, providing the entire enclosed life circle of the coffee bean from "seed to cup" for the customers at JavaVino.

The redesign brand & website must reflects JavaVino unique story and values, representing the whole lineage of the proud 100% homemade Nicaraguan coffee.

The solution was to constantly reminds the customers about the rich brand's history, experience and wide variety of products through a design that is heart warming, rustic, filled with Latin America essence and a slight hint of classy & exotic. The wall is where pictures of memories & family prides are hanged, which was the inspiration for the design of the brand's new horizontal scrolling website.