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Every great thing starts with a big idea. That idea is the result of many experiments, much dedication and joy. Sometimes we need to push the boundaries, and break the rules to discover what we could achieve with it.

My name is Nhat, a multidisciplinary creative & designer based in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam and recently graduated with Honours 1st class. I create big ideas, concepts for communication, advertising campaigns and anything else that requires a new idea. Then, spread them across different touch points & channels that resonate with the brand and its consumers. And finally, bring them to life with creative designs via typography, prints, brand identities, ui/ux, digital frame-by-frame 2D & motion graphic. I also worked as the Art Director for various projects.

I am available and happy to receive freelance and collaborative projects. Feel free to visit my portfolio page in the contact section and give me a howler, maybe we can create something great together.